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Consignment Selling Agreement

Advanced Systems is in the business of buying and selling used mailing equipment.
We take it through our refurbishing process and then resell it as quality warranted equipment on the used market.

In an effort to respond to companies looking to sell their used equipment, Advanced Systems now offers the option of placing your equipment on consignment with us. With the current ebb in the market for used, as well as new equipment, this can be a good means for dealing with unused equipment that is no longer of value on your production floor.

The consignment selling agreement references a program by Advanced Systems to assist buyers and sellers of mailing equipment to sell their no longer needed equipment.

 Advanced Systems provides consignment selling to its vast network of mailing equipment users and providers. By taking advantage of Advanced Systems consignment offer, your equipment will be given world wide exposure through our web site and entire customer base.

You can set the selling price desired for your equipment, or seek our professional consultation in determining a price that will get your system sold.

Advanced Systems provides the convenience, exposure and support at no out-of-pocket cost to you. Equipment is sold for your desired selling price plus 30% for consignment administration and web costs (Or $1,000, whichever is greater).
The listing price on the website will reflect this cost.

Ready to get started? Tell us about your equipment.

Consigned equipment can be handled in two ways

You can choose to send your consigned equipment to Advanced Systems for holding until it can be sold.

  • At our facility, your equipment can then be inspected and have any needed repairs made to it.
  • Equipment will be wrapped/protected at our facility and set up for prospective buyer in our demo area.

Or, if conditions permit, you can choose to hold the equipment at your facility until sold.

  • It would then be your responsibility for having it inspected and kept available in a protective environment and assure that the time and the staff are available for on-site inspection by prospective buyers
  • Detailed photos of the equipment are required. (Videos Accepted)

Conditions of Consignment

By submitting a machine or machines to Advanced Systems for consignment, the seller is bound to the following conditions:

  • Provide current picture(s) of the machine to be sold.
  • Provide a truthful description of the machine and its current working condition.
  • Provide a written guarantee that the machine being sold is presently owned by the requesting seller and that it is currently in his/her possession.
  • Provide a sale price for the machine.
  • Agree that the listing price of the equipment is the seller’s price plus 30%. The 30% added to the sale price is to cover administration and web fees.
  • Agree that once submitted, no changes to the selling price are accepted unless in agreement with Advanced Systems.
  • If, when a unit is in the possession of the seller and is sold, the owner/seller agrees to take full responsibility for packaging and shipping it to the buyer’s location.
  • If, when a unit is in the possession of Advanced Systems and is sold, Advanced Systems agrees to package and ship it to the buyer’s location, at the buyer/seller’s cost.
  • Shipping costs are NOT included in the listing price of the equipment.
    Consignment Sellers are responsible for all shipping costs.

Your Listing On Our Website
When a seller has abided by the pre-mentioned conditions, Advanced Systems will list the machine for sale on its website. A listing number is assigned to the unit and a description of the unit is included in the listing as well as its feature set, if any, and the selling price. Consignment equipment is advertised online in the same manner as equipment being sold by Advanced Systems with no extra cost or fees.

Sell Your Unused Equipment Today!  Tell us about your equipment.
Please Call Me with any questions.
Please Call Me with any questions.
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