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Whether you have a high cap bottom cutsheet or a continuous feed application, Advanced Systems can custom build an intelligent insert system to meet your most stringent job requirements.
With our Xtreme Vision Technology, we can provide a turn key operating system that will meet all your reading needs. This operating system employs all the necessary security features needed to keep you and your clients' information secure.
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Equipment Options

Mailstar Inserters
Mailstar 500 or Mailstar 400 based mail inserters with four or more insert stations
in-line Folders
GBR 438/420 Style in-line feeder folder for cutsheet applications
in-line Cutters
In-line cutters for continious feed applications
One or more diverts
Meter Bases
Multiple Meter Bases
Conveyor Option
Belt or On-Edge Conveyor Option
Printers and Addressing Machines
Inkjet printing for addressing and/or
audit print-outs

Want To See Available
Intelligent Inserters?

Intelligent Inserter

Software options

Page Grouping
Grouping multiple pages
Station Selection
Mail insert station selection
Mail Diverting
Mail diverting
Dual Metering
Dual metering
Sequence Numbering
Sequence numbering
Insert Matching
Matching between two or more cameras
In-Line Inkjetting
Read documents/perform database lookup/in-line inkjetting
For ALL Your Intelligent Inserting Need
Additional feature options available to meet individual requirements

Want To Add Document Reading Capabilities To Existing
Mail Inserting Equipment?

Advanced Systems supports and supplies Xtreme Visions intelligent mailing software.
Add document reading capabilities to your existing equipment and spend less. Xtreme Visions costs far less than the other document matching and pocket selection software products on the market today.

  To learn more about Xtreme Visions document matching software and learn how you can obtain this software specific to your mailing requirements,
See Our Xtreme Visions Software page.
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