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We at Advanced Systems have over twenty five years experience working in the direct mail industry. We know quality equipment and strive to provide the very best in all of the products we list.
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Site Map

To further simplify the navigation our our site, Advanced Systems provides this easy to read diagram of the pages referenced. Every page of our site is listed and detailed on this page. You may choose to navigate the site by topic, general inquiry, or browse methods.
Home Page
Intelligent Mail Inserting
The Intelligent Inserting page offers information pertaining to intelligent mail inserters, software and peripherals. Included is the description of the many functions of an intelligent inserter as well as the varieties of software. Information is also included for upgrading equipment intelligence to as many of the many features available with the offered software.
A link is provided to Xtreme Vision Software with an overview of the software and it's capabilities.
Document Read/Match
The Document Matching page refers to the Xtreme Vision systems and mailing software. On this page you will learn about the system, the software and their capabilities and possibilities. Learn how Xtreme Vision document matching can save you money, increase production and production accuracy, and provide the security that your customers will will keep coming back for.
Xtreme Vision AMS
Extreme Vision AMS Automatic Document Matching Systems and Operating System Software. This is a high security system with almost unlimited capabilities, great security, and a low market price.
Xtreme Vision VMS
Xtreme Vision VMS Visual Matching System and Components. This is a medium security system that, through a split screen monitor, enables multiple viewings of mailing machine handled documents for operator match verification.
Intelligent Feeder/Folder Systems
High capacity, high speed, bottom sheet feeder folder systems with an Xtreme Visions Reading package. Intelligent Feeder Folder systems. They are PC controlled touch screen systems that can be setup to control all of the functions of the inserter, including an unlimited number of insert station selections.
Embossing Equipment
The Plastic Card Embossing page relates information pertaining to equipment, software, and supplies used in the plastic card embossing industry. It provides models and degree of conditioning for the equipment as well as the services available to accompany the machines. A full line of embossers are available.
Mail Sorting Systems
The Sorting Systems and Upgrades page informs readers of brand names of used and refurbished mail sorting systems that Advanced Systems provides as well as information on possible upgrades and upgrade components.
About Us
Learn more about Advanced Systems and it's owner Ken Swepston. On this page you get the opportunity to get to know the company and it's owner. With this information, we hope to present some assurance of reliability and quality of product.
Contact Us
On the Contact Us page, you will gain information to call, write, visit, email, fax, or fill out a form to contact us. We are always glad to hear from you.
Seller's Contact
On the seller's contact page, those with mailing equipment for sale can gain information to call, write, visit, email, fax, or fill out a form to contact us. We are always glad to hear from you.
Glossary of Terms
The terms: Rebuilt, refurbished, good running order, and as is are used in describing the condition, or reconditioning, of the equipment Advanced Systems sells. To alleviate any confusion as to what each term means, Advanced Systems provides the Glossary of Terms page. This page describes each term, allowing for a proper assessment of the equipment for sale.
Privacy Statement
To address the concerns of customer's privacy, Advanced Systems has assembled this easy access list of information concerning this matter. Advanced Systems takes the matter of personal and company privacy extremely serious.
We agree with the concept that all people and businesses should enjoy the right to privacy.
The current page; the sitemap is a page designed for easy navigation of our site. This is a listing of pages in our site that can be indexed by the clicking of the appropriate link.
Mailing Equipment Specials
The Specials and Discounted Mailing Equipment page informs readers of mailing machines of all kinds that are selling at a discount rate.
Intelligent Mail Inserters
The Intelligent Inserter page contains a listing of all available Intelligent inserters that Advanced Systems has available at this time.
Base Mail Inserters
The Base Mail Inserter page contains a listing of available base inserters. This listing is of used, refurbished or rebuilt basic mail inserters.
Inserter Rebuilding Process
The Inserter Rebuilding Process page explains the process of rebuilding an inserter. This article is design to alleviate confusion between the terms "rebuild" and "refurbish."
Postage Meters
The Meters page contains a listing of available meters.
Inkjet/Addressing Machines
The Inkjet Addressing page contains a listing of available Inkjet Addressing Systems.
Tabbers and Strappers
The Tabbers and Strappers page contains a listing of available tabbers and strappers.
Mail Sorters and Components
The Sorters and Components page contains a listing of available sorters and components. This listing is of used, refurbished or rebuilt sorting equipment.
Feeder Folders
The Feeder Folder page contains a listing of available Feeder Folders from manufacturers such as Streamfeeder, Baum, GBR, Bell & Howell, Profold and MPS.
Paper Cutters & Slitter/Mergers
The Paper Cutters and Slitter/Mergers page contains a listing of available Paper Cutters and Slitter Mergers.
Plastic Card Embossers
The Plastic Card Embosser page contains a listing of available Plastic Card Embossing Machines.
Unwinders & Rewinders
The Pre & Post-laser Printing page contains a listing of available Unwinders, Rewinders and Web Stabilizers.
Miscellaneous Mailing Equipment
The Miscellaneous Equipment page contains a listing of Miscellaneous Mailing Machines and Equipment.
Mailing Industry Articles

Mailing Industry Articles

 Mailing industry articles about mailing equipment and software from the Pros.
Mailing Industry Article Archives

Article Archives

Archived Mailing Industry Articles
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