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Product Overview

The Xtreme Vision VMS (Visual Matching System) is a PC based mailing system that can perform visual matching for documents on inserters, ink jets, collators and many other mailing machines. It is an economical way to allow your
shop to address the privacy and accountability issues that are being demanded in today’s direct mail market.
VMS offers an efficient and cost effective way to ensure that
all of your documents are matched and mailed out to the correct addressee. Through the use of two or more cameras and a split screen monitor, an operator can quickly check to ensure that all documents are in order and matched properly. With the VMS all this can be accomplished while increasing savings through reduced labor costs, production run times and expanding overall mailroom integrity.
Visual Matching System

Standard Modes of Operation

Visual Matching
Enables operator match of two to four documents
Custon Visual Matching
Custom visual matching available for 5 or more documents

Read Application Example

For mailing inserters, the VMS Document Verification Program, allows operator match of documents the inserter pulls from the insert stations, or other positions, through a split screen monitor. Images of the documents are displayed on the screen at a pre-set interval. When an image mismatch is observed on the screen, the operator can quickly stop the inserter and correct the problem. By catching the errors as they occur, this maximizes production time by avoiding the costly down time in correcting improperly inserted envelopes.

Base System Includes:

Computer stand, computer (complete), I/O board, 2 Ethernet cards (one for camera, one for network connection), trigger photocell and cable, camera (with lens and cables), camera and photocell mounts, power supply, Windows XP, power strip, and Xtreme Vision software.

Base Price

The base price for VMS two way document matching starts at $6,500.
* Actual costs are dependent on component requirements.
Please Call Me For A Quote on additional matching options and customizations.
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